It’s a time to stop, raise your head, re-evaluate, think and explore.

Time to think about what you don’t want to do and what you do.

Think about the things you have done, the experiences you have had.

It’s a time to be thinking about putting your needs first.

How do you want to contribute in your next phase of life?

It is never, ever too late to change our thoughts and actions.

There is no-one better, never, ever that knows yourself better than you…so why do we look to others for decision making for our hearts, souls and minds?

Is your life of discontent, being in a rut, knowing there’s more, keeping you safe?  

Perhaps, you are happy and there is nothing in your life that you wish to change. That’s great!

When you take the time to sit and listen, and feel the feelings; when you ask yourself the questions; you are able to then do something about it.

You get clearer on what you’re feeling and then you get much clearer on what you need and want to do next.

Watch for who and what triggers you in any situation e.g. watching TV; being on social media, listening to friends…. Write it down, add a note on your phone …… These are clues of what we want to do and be and not want we want to do and be….. 

If you have a high or low emotion reaction to that trigger, that shows you the level of importance and purpose you give that reaction…… this can be a high, happy emotion or a low, don’t care emotion.

Don’t judge, over analyze, rethink …….just feel it, note it and move on….. this is not an assignment that is marked right or wrong…. It is a thought process …that is all……

Write a list of what you don’t want to do…  Do these match or not what triggers you…is there any links you can make?

And then from the list of what you don’t want to do; can you write the opposite; of what you do want to do?

Apparently its easier to do it that way round! 

Enjoy!  I hope you find the process very enlightening and change-worthy!