Prepare your mindset for what is ahead for you.

To get yourself ‘ready’ for retirement, in whatever form that may take, it is important that your mindset is prepared for the new, next stage ahead.

This comes from preparing yourself for the type of life and lifestyle you wish to live in your ‘retirement’ years.

 Planning is a positive step.

 People that plan for their retirement feel more positive about moving on with their life, whilst a person that has been thrust into retirement due to illness or redundancy find it hard to re-establish their lives, mentally and physically.

 Since your retirement may be up to 20 years, that is a long time without a plan of how you wish to live!

Preparation and planning.

 Make a financial plan.  A draft plan on a piece of paper is better than nothing at all.  If you can see that your funds will support you in the coming years, your mindset will be a lot more positive about what there is to see, be and do in the future.

 Think about taking long service leave or extended unpaid leave to ‘trial’ retirement.  Also look at transitioning to retirement by working less hours.  This could be a test of your financial and lifestyle requirements.

 Plan for an active life financially and mentally.  Studies show that people that live actively live happier lives.   Make a list of all the things you want to do, see, be and have.

 Allow yourself time to adjust to a whole new life and lifestyle.

 Think about whether you wish to have a casual or part-time job or perhaps turning a hobby into a small business.  This supports connection and personal fulfillment.

 Make up a possible daily routine, encompassing chores, social time, volunteering, recreation etc. in how you see your hours in your days.  For a happy retirement, your days must be meaningful and rewarding.

Talk together – get support.

 Talk to your partner…… work on the plan together …… find compromises.  Get support.

 Talk to your children. What might be their expectations of you that you least expect.  They might think that you will have …all the time in the world… to babysit whilst they work!  You might just want to travel a lot!   Encourage open family team conversations!

Ask me for support!

 If you would like support with making your plan, please contact me today and let’s get it started! 


It’s never too early to start!

 Early is great; the best way to make the most of your next stage life and lifestyle requirements!

 Contact me if this is what you want to do….. Plan and Be Prepared!





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