Empower yourself now for the unknown.

Divorce, separation, death of a spouse is described by women as –

Feeling numb,


At a financial and emotion disadvantage,

Having your arms and legs cut off,

Having nothing left,

Questioning who was I,

Who am I now,


Hope I had for the future is all gone.

Studies by the Australian Institute of Family Studies www.aifs.gov.au show that –

1. Divorced people, especially women, are in a weaker financial position than their married peers some 15 – 20 years after their marriage has ended.

2. Social, health and lifestyle contentment levels were lower amongst divorce people than couples; especially for women.

It’s the subtle, very subtle, warning signs.

The warning signs for a partnership breakdown could be very subtle and can even be seen as cute and funny and something you can change about them BUT…..

If something does not feel right in your gut – It’s usually NOT!

Regaining your footing is made much, much harder by the fact that you have to make lifechanging legal and financial decisions, when you’re hardly in the emotional and intelligent frame of mind to do so.


So, what to do – NOW….

Know your finances – know what you own and owe and keep a constant vigilant eye on what’s happening with your (share) of your money.

Protect your personal details – keep your copies of all relevant and important documents, information, passwords etc. in a safe place; maybe a copy at your trusted friends home as well.

What to do – IF…..

Make a plan beforehand.  

Know how you are going to live, where and with whom.

Have a trusted friend that will support you from day 1.

Ask for help if you need it.

Empower yourself now for the unknown – life has a way of sending you curveballs.


My very best wishes for those times when you might need it most xxoo





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