Loving Living Life

Your freedom years plan you will love to live.

There’s more to do in your freedom years than golf & bowls…

Golf and bowls are excellent pastimes and great for the people that enjoy them.

But what if you want MORE or something different?

Do YOU know what you want in your freedom years?

Would you wish to know that you will be doing what you love, need, want and most importantly, choose?

Now is the time to have these conversations and make an action plan.

Don’t leave it too late, so that others get to choose YOUR freedom years, for you!

Change, Growth, Inspiration

You may want to discover new experiences, adventures, opportunities.

Flexible, Adaptable, Practical

You may need to fit in with other situations – family, commitments, circumstances.

Holistic, Enjoyable, Engaging

You want to look at the whole experience of your retirement years – fulfilment, connection and fun.

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What Clients are Saying

“Can highly recommend this awesome lady I had a wonderful conversation the other day and came out feeling so much better and has given me so much direction and ideas
Reach out and give Susanna a call.”

R.C. regional S.A

“…… thanks for the wonderful chat we had yesterday. You never know how your little nudge could transform someone’s life and their journey. I want you to know how you nudged me to move forward to embark the new phase of my journey.”

A Happy Customer

Non Executive Director Hen House Coop Ltd

Non Executive Director Hen House Coop Ltd

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Something happens when we reach midlife….

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